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Do you have the tools you need on your Spiritual Path?

October 10, 2010

Immersed in a weekend of Spiritual Toolbox teachings, after a week of far-reaching Your Spiritual Discussions, DNA Activations and New Moon Rituals, I’m thinking about what 10-10-10 means to me.  The geometry lover in me looks at those numbers filled with hope and wonder -Archangels over my shoulder helping me process its significance.

I reach for my trusty toolbox filled with my Practical Spirituality tools, call upon the angels, and begin my planning.  Rituals, books, meditations, study aids…  what shall I work with on this special day?  As I busily make my plans, I stop to think about you on your spiritual journey:

Do you have the tools you need on your path?

Have you found the tools you seek, or do you feel overwhelemed by all the options?  Remember that my door is always open to you.  In class or private consultation, I am fueled by a desire to help you find the tools you need to overcome your obstacles and manifest your dreams.

In addition to personalized work, in the Eternal Light Energy online Toolshop, you will find physical tools to aid your spiritual development:


Lighting the Path

A Guided Meditation CD for Spiritual Awakening and Energetic Empowerment


Get your Lighting the Path Meditation CD NOW! Meditation is a spiritual practice, and for most people meditation takes
practice.  Used regularly, this “Lighting the Path” meditation CD will
assist you in accessing all the spiritual, emotional and physical
benefits of meditation at any tme, in any external environment.  All you
need is a quiet mind, a safe space, and your own personal intention. 

Click HERE to order your physical CD or visit your favorite digital retailer, such as iTunes or CD Baby, to download a digital CD!


Kabbalah Tree of Life Laminated Card


Side 1: Colored Tree of Life with: 

  • Planets
  • Geometries
  • Tarot Major Arcana
  • Colors

Side 2: Black and white Tree of Life with:

  • Sephirot Names and Definitions
  • Hebrew Letters
  • Numbers
  • Elements

Click HERE to get your copy.

Tree of Life Laminated Card

Tools come in all shapes and sizes, so have fun and explore!

I will let you in on a little secret, learning by reading books is really hard for me.  There…  I said it!  I prefer interacting with people or listening to a presentation.  One day in meditation, I was talking to my Higher Self about this, and I wondered:


Are there people that can’t receive Practical, Spiritual Advice from Inspirations from Binah because it is text based?!?

My Higher Self quickly confirmed this was the case and suggested that I heed the advice of my trusty production manager and start creating podcasts.  I dusted off my audio production skills, which had become very rusty after several years of non-use (and to think I used to actively work as a Music Engineer many moons ago)… and voilá: every Inspirations from Binah question and answer now comes in a PODCAST!

Listen to Inspirations from Binah - Image by Ky Olsen Inspirations from Binah Podcasts

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With every passing month, I improve my tools, making all I have to offer easier and better for you!  If you have any suggestions or would like to submit a question to Inspirations from Binah, contact me now!

The day passes on and I dive back into my Spiritual Toolbox with to prepare for class.  We are learning so much this weekend, I can’t wait to see what my students come up with for their own 10-10-10 celebrations!! A quick word of caution, Venus just went into Retrograde, so be extra gentle in your personal relationships for the next few weeks.  Remember patience is the grand lesson of 2010.

This is my last week in S. Florida.  If you are interested in a DNA Activation, Getting Answers on your Spiritual Path or any other type of service, I am at your service.  All you have to do is contact me to begin.

May the blessings of the Universe shower you with Wisdom and Understanding, filling you with Harmony and Love.

Blessing from yvette Soler


How do I deepen my connection with my Soul?

October 3, 2009

From Maja:

I have been learning more about the experiential side of my soul. And its role in the Tree of life as Harmonizer and mediator. I feel for a long time I have intellectually grasped its meaning, but am now going a bit deeper.
In channeling the wisdom of my Higher Self, which I am still learning, I kept trying to some how by pass the soul, or at least was not appreciating its value. But recent events on my homefront and in general are waking me up to its light.
I guess I don’t know how properly to phrase my question, but concerning living out the Will of our Spirit/Higher Self, how can we help ourselves by working more with our Souls.
I am looking for the next step in order to bring harmony to my personal self, through acceptance and integration of our Souls gifts and purpose in our daily life.
Any insights or thoughts you might have concerning, my jumbled question would be greatly appreciated!
all my love and light

Inspirations from Binah:

Forming a connection with your soul allows you to perceive beyond the 5 physical senses of your human existence. Measuring 500 ft beyond the aura, your soul body provides a gateway through the forces of creation. Elements, Aura, Ether, Magnetism and Dimensions: 5 additional senses that are accessed through the soul/body connection.

The soul is the mechanism to sense your spirit essence. It provides you with answers in the same way as your eyes or nose do. Working with it is about using a tool, a way to gather information from your purest, spiritual self and, with the help of your Higher Self, bring it back to this world to be translated into the language of our humanity. In your personal oracling, ride the energy of these additional senses and with a big net. Capture all that lies within those 500 ft – sense through the elements, work through the aura, travel the physical and spiritual dimensions… this is what lies beyond taste, smell, sight, hearing and feeling.

The gifts of the soul are not the traditional words of wisdom, but dictionaries to understand the words coming from your spiritual core. Unlock the restrictions on your senses and the flood of new sensations will deepen your personal connection to spirit, therefore allowing you to find the harmony you seek.

For more Inspirational answers, click here


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