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Overload! Am I allowed to ask for help?

July 7, 2011

Information Overload

Information Overload

Ahhh…. I am sitting here staring at my computer screen with a list of projects to complete and absolutely NO IDEA how to complete them. ** Deep Inhale ** Long Exhale ** Centering Myself ** OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration –I know how to complete some of the projects. But as for the bigger ones, I am lost in information overload!

Am I allowed to admit that though? I know I am human and can’t do everything, but when people are relying on me to produce results yesterday, it is hard to come back and tell them that I need more time to process before I can actually start doing. Then again, isn’t that exactly what I want in my life, to work with people that would understand that all sustainable growth is a process that takes time?

In my old life, the results were all that mattered. It was the typical world many people still live in today where what you are feeling or going through doesn’t really matter — all that matters is that you get the job done at all costs. When I walked away from that world, I released that dynamic and now only work in environments where I can be free to communicate my personal growth process alongside the tangible results of my skills.

Right now, I am working on four independent projects, each with a set of smaller projects. It is probably too much for one person to manage, but I have a slight *passion* around building things with people that have vision and find it hard to say no when asked to participate. Of the four projects, one is fairly easy and only requires time and focus for another week. I have the skills and know what I have to do, I just have to make time to execute. For another, I have stated quite clearly what I can do, but the person I am working with hasn’t given me what I need, so that gives me some extra time. For the other two, that is where the mental overload steps in.

These two projects are my life passions; these are the projects that are physical manifestations of my life purpose. One is solitary, the other in a group. The goals are other-worldly and when I reach them I will have far exceeded anything I ever thought possible in my life. Both have external people fully invested in making them successful and are looking for me to execute with precision and skill.

Are you getting a sense of where my overload feelings are coming from? It is amazing that I have finally reached a point in my life where people believe in me, but man’o’man is it intense. Not stressful in the mindless sort of way. On the contrary, I go to bed every night counting my blessings for being given these  opportunities, but there are still only so many hours in a day. And while I have shed the “fear” of disappointing others, I would like to make them proud. Add to that my superhero desire to learn a fourth language, perfect my third language, and really get to know the dozens of new people I am meeting daily… well, that leaves very little time for even sleep.

From the front row

From the front row

Both projects require *me* to come up with the game plan. There is no one that can give me a list of tasks; I must create and execute. I am working both pillars at the same time: action and integration, form and force, giving and receiving. So when I open my spiritual toolbox to find what I need, the first thing I pull out is not a physical thing at all. Yes, there are some physical tools such as flower/crystal essences, altar intention, focus rituals, etc, but the biggest tool is my professional and personal community. This is the spiritual tool I have been cultivating for the last seven years, and now is the time to use them all.

So tonight, instead of beating myself up or worrying that I am not doing enough, I am turning to the people around me and asking for help. I am calling out to friends who remind me why I am doing all this, work partners to brainstorm solutions, business partners to update expectations and non-physical guides to reveal my path. I also call out to you and ask for blessings and positive energy to fuel my work. I am connected to the collective consciousness of humanity… I am building the collective consciousness of humanity… I AM the collective consciousness. Now is the time to acknowledge that connection and allow its power to show me what I need to execute with ease, and have fun doing it.

True success is found in harmony, union and balance. Thank you for being a part of my process.

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How do I recognise my gifts and what do I do with them?

January 16, 2011

From Sharley:

How do you recognise your gift/talent and know what it is you are meant to do with it. Mostly I would like to know what it is I am meant to be doing. Some times it feels like I am running in circles.

I know I have some gifts but am not sure exactly what they are and how to develop them. How they fit in with the day to day business of living in this world. I guess what I would really like to know is: How do I recognise my gift/s and if there are more than one should you concentrate on 1 and develop that or go with the flow and work on all of them….


Inspirations from Binah:

We are born with a set of inherent gifts; talents that shape our interactions with the physical world.  While they may lie dormant, they are always with us, waiting for their moment of awakening.  They show themselves continuously, in every little task, encouraging you to push forward toward your life purpose.  To find them, you have only to stop and consciously look at what you naturally like and do.

Cathy Gee provides a wonderful suggestion to use the memories from your high school and college years to shed light to areas stunted before they developed:

Generate a list of all the rewards, good feelings, skills, honors, good grades, jobs you enjoyed… things you felt the best about in high school and college.

Do any of these call to you now?  Which do you feel should/could play an important role in your current life?

Since we are starting from your school years, you can use a technique from that time to help you decide what talent, or talents, to develop: Clustering.

Clustering is a type of prewriting that allows you to explore many ideas as soon as they occur to you. Like brainstorming or free associating, clustering allows you to begin without clear ideas.

Clustering by Fast Smart Web Design

Clustering by Fast Smart Web Design

To begin to cluster, choose a one thing from your school years from the list generated. For example, if you received really good grades in math and participated in math competitions, you might choose “Math” and write that word in the middle of your sheet of paper.

Create a sacred space, call in your guides and guardians, grab a bunch of paper and pens, and begin your clustering.  Circle “math,” then write words all around it -words that occur to you as you think of “math.” Write down everything, even words that may at first appear to be random. Write quickly and with minimal thought, circling each word, grouping words around your the central word. Connect your new words to previous ones with lines; when you feel you have exhausted a particular avenue of associations, go back to your central word and begin again.

Allow your cluster to grow without bounds, naturally flowing from one word to the next.  Some words will take you nowhere; some  words may go off on a tangent.  For writing a college paper a tangent may need to be reigned in, but for this purpose, it is best to let it run wild.

In time, a pattern will develop showing you the best way to manifest and develop this talent or if this is something that should stay dormant.  Remember that it is important to stay detached from the result, since you never know where things will take you.  To use a personal example of how talents can take you down unusual roads…

Math was my favorite subject in high school.  I left it behind when I started college since I didn’t want to be a mathematician.  It followed me back and I soon changed my major from Sociology/Psychology to Engineering… Music Engineering to be exact, because I found that music was the best way to express my love of math.  For the next 20 years, I followed the winding road of mathematics that took me through technology, the arts, business and spirituality, currently manifesting most strongly in Sacred Geometry and Numerology.  I am still not a mathematician nor a physicist (I am not even that good at basic multiplication and arithmetic), but my love of math has guided me on my journey, merging with different subjects along the way, creating the foundation of my life purpose.

Use this cluster to direct your manifestation.  Pull out your Spiritual Toolbox and choose one tool with which to christen the first step on this adventure.  Just like your cluster has many spokes, you journey may as well.  Listen to your internal guidance, be open to all experiences and feel the full power of your burgeoning talents unfold.


To listen to the podcast, download it here.

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Clustering definition from the University of Richmond’s Writing Center.


Manifesting an Abundant New Year!

January 2, 2011

2011 Blessings


Aztec Calendar at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico CityUpcoming Classes and Appearances




What do you want more of?

November 16, 2010

magic want

magic want by saposaraso★


Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we’re doing, that we forget to look around and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Other times, we are so caught up we don’t even realize that there are no fruits because we missed our target!



I can see from the statistics that I haven’t missed the Spiritual Toolbox target.  On the contrary, Inspirations from Binah continues to grow daily with more people reading, watching and listening to all the practical spirituality tools and tips shared via questions/answers, blogs, videos and podcasts… yet there is always room for improvement!

So I ask you, the readers, watchers & listeners:

Is there something you want from Inspirations from Binah







Should I change my name?

November 15, 2010

From Domanique:

I’m planning on marrying soon! Whoot! But then comes the big question for me of changing my name. Can you advise? 

I was born Domanique , and in recent years I’ve dropped off my last name (everything except for legal documents/pay/etc). I don’t know my father, and don’t feel attached to his name. But I like the sound of it. It’s very authoritative. I am consider changing it to Domanique . Which feels like it falls off at the end. Perhaps I’m being too sensitive. 

Anyway, I thought I’d ask you if you had any insights. I’m a little too close to the experience to remove my emotions from my sight. 

Inspirations from Binah:

A name is a sonic code that connects you to energies given to you at birth. When we take on a new name, we consciously modify, augment and negate those energies as necessary. This is an important decision that will affect many aspects of your life.

You were born with a name number of 6. Nurturing and family oriented, this number is willing to sacrifice herself for the welfare of others. If you are in balance, these sacrifices will be done happily, because you know that the beauty that will come from them far outweighs what was given up. If you are unbalanced, these sacrifices will be done begrudgingly and will weigh heavily on you. You will expect others to notice, and when you receive nothing in return, will be bitter and angry.

Being a person who helps and comforts those in need, you find your home life extremely rewarding. You tend to worry about everyone because you view yourself as an extension of the family unit, thinking more in “we” than “I”. Yet it is your extreme compassion and power to find balance that allows you to fix most problems you encounter.

If you were to change your name, your new name number would be 4. This is a number of foundation and order, providing you will incredible energy to persevere against insurmountable odds. Skills acquired are concrete and down-to-earth, creating a common sense approach. Faithful and honest, when a 4 expresses, it comes from a deep desire to help and do the best job possible.

Of course, all light has a shadow and the 4 is prone to becoming too rigid and seeing negativity when looking for truth. In trying to do a good job, you may invoke a bossy attitude, getting caught up in the details. Looking at the big picture and seeing everyone’s contribution will help mitigate this tendency.

Armed with this new data, you must look deeply within and see the person you have been, who you are today and who you want to become. All numbers have positive and negative traits, the question is what best complements the person living within you. Your Higher Self can guide you through this since she represents your most elemental power – she is you in every essence.

To discover which name works best for you, you can work with a type of skrying. For this, you will need a dry-erase marker, a mirror mounted on a wall, a notebook, writing instrument, and the ability to sit in front of the mirror and write without having to look down.

Set your sacred space and call in your Higher Self and guides. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror with pen and paper ready. At eye level, draw a hexagon (six sided figure) with the dry-erase marker on the mirror so that when you look at your face, you see it through the shape. When you are ready, say your old name and gaze into the mirror through the hexagon. Write everything that you see and sense.

When you are done, erase the hexagon and draw a square or rectangle. Repeat the exercise saying the new name.

Sit in your sacred space and ask your Higher Self to guide you as you review all that you have received. Which name augments your Spiritual Toolbox with what you need for your life journey? Which one resonates with your central power source, adding fuel to the fire within?

When you are done, thank your Higher Self and guides for their help in making this decision. Whichever name you choose, remember that there will always be an aspect of that 6 within you, for you came into this world with certain contracts and the 6 provided the tools needed to get you there.

Finalize your choice in sacred ritual, proclaiming to the Universe who you are. May you feel empowered every time your name is spoken!

To listen to the podcast, download here:
Should I change my name? – Inspirations from Binah podcast

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