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Why am I attracted to the dark?

April 29, 2011

A friend and I were talking about ying and yang recently, two equal energies that work together in harmony:  Masculine/feminine, push/pull, force/form, action/reception… flowing within us in a quest for balance.  Yet we all have to admit that one flows stronger than the other. Often times, this natural tendency is used to excuse unwanted behavior or challenges, hence why you hear comments such as, “I can’t help it, I’m an Aquarius.” and so forth.  Instead of hiding behind an unchangeable label, our natural disposition should be seen as a valuable tool for personal development.  When you know who you are, truly see yourself with clear and accepting eyes, you can more easily discover what you need in order to navigate life’s challenges and manifest your dreams.

In the course of our conversation, we talked about the different ways these two opposing, yet harmonious, ying/yang energies manifest.  We paused on black and white, investigating emotions and associations.  We live in a world of duality, and until we evolve into blissful unity, each extreme needs the other.  Our vocabularies can only understand via comparison, knowing that what one is, the other is not.

In Darkness

In Darkness

When I was asked which color I feel a greater affinity for, black or white, it took me a minute to answer.  Black and white are very symbolic to me.  Like the great pillars of Jachin and Boaz that stand at the porch of Solomon’s Temple, they represent the primal masculine and feminine energies: force and form.  But while I know that I carry a large amount of masculine, action energy, I was surprised to realize that it is with the ebony depth of Boaz that I resonate most.

The minutes ticked by and I struggled to form the words that could express why a person that feels like she can’t live without feeling the Sun’s rays pour through her window every day would choose darkness over light.  As I looked around my room, Binah’s black rays of Understanding stepped in and illuminated the answer:

My life is about transformation, my own and that of those I serve through my spiritual work, and that requires the blackness of death.  I believe in finding the beauty in the darkness.  It is in the dark that we hid our fears, worries, and shames.  And it is in this blackness that we must dive in order to do our greatest work: to find and heal the wounds that prevent us from moving forward.  Like a deep-sea diver, I search for the light found in the shadows, using every tool in my Spiritual Toolbox to illuminate what was once cloaked in darkness.

I bow low in deep gratitude to my friend for providing a safe space where I could explore freely and achieve a new level of connection with Binah, the grand mother of Understanding.

I leave you with this TED talk by lighting architect Rogier van der Heide who offers a beautiful new way to look at the world — by paying attention to darkness in order to see the light:


Am I wrong about my boyfriend? Is my intuition wrong?

February 3, 2011

From Vicky:

I have spirits trying to tell me something and I get all of the words confused. They are everywhere I look. I have seen names and words that sometimes match people I know, but often times I have no idea what they are or mean.  It is making me think that my boyfriend is cheating on me and that other things in my life are lies.  I took a picture and found a lady that does picture readings.  She said some things that were true and others that made no sense.

There is something not right gong on and I don’t think these messages have anything to do with my boyfriend even though I have this lady that did the picture reading and she said yes and others have said it too.  I had a session with a spirit artist awhile back and thought we were connecting with a guy I was close to over 25 years ago but when I got the picture it was someone I don’t know so she did it again for free and again It sounded like the my friend that I wanted to connect to but when she sent the picture it was another man I don’t know. She said she doesn’t know what happened if there was a crossed line or what, but she said they must have wanted to come through for a reason and for me to keep my eyes open.

I want to know if I am wrong about my boyfriend. Is my intuition wrong?  He tells me he doesn’t lie or cheat. I just want to know if I am wrong about what I feel or right. I am really struggling with this spirit communication and my intuition, I don’t know if I can trust what I am feeling as I do have a trust issue as it has happened many times to me in the past.



Inspirations from Binah:

Your intuition is a part of you, therefore the answers are within you.  You are relying on people outside of yourself to give you an answer that only you can find.  What work are you doing to develop your gifts?  What is your Higher Self telling you?  What tools are you developing to be in tune with your inner voice and heal the wounds of the past?

Be still and learn how to tune into your own feelings by first healing your wounds and then developing the language between your emotional and spiritual bodies.  Find the source of your blocks, the cords that are causing you to not trust the guidance you are receiving.  Though you are getting many names, those names may not be actual people you need to interact with.  Even if they exist in the physical, it is not about connecting to them as much as understanding how that energy fits into your present life.  Some may need to be purified, some transmuted and some attracted.  Only your internal guidance can tell you which is which.

To uncover the role of each name and picture, try this association exercise:

Write each name on separate small pieces of paper.   For the pictures, photo copy them onto individual pieces of paper of the same size.  When the picture and the name did not match, create papers for each (for example, one with the name of your friend from 25 years ago and one each picture you were given in the readings).  Have crayons or markers in the following colors: brown, green, red, and black.

Create your sacred space and call in your Higher Self and guides.  With your left hand, pick one piece of paper and put it to your forehead, over your third eye.  Take a minute and ask yourself, “Is this a name associated with a physical being I need to work with, emotional wound I need to heal, energy I need to purify or spiritual guidance I need to understand?”  With your eyes closed, choose one of the four colors with your right hand.  Draw a line on the piece of paper in that color and then set it aside.  Repeat this for all the names and pictures.

When you are done, go back through the papers and sort them by color:

  • Brown – person you need to work with in the physical
  • Green – Emotional wound to be healed
  • Red – Energy to be purified and released
  • Black – Spiritual Gift

With this information, you can begin to work with the names and pictures.  Open your Spiritual Toolbox and find the best tool for each situation.  If you find your toolbox is missing the tool you need, go out and find it.  Books, classes, internet… there are many ways to learn.  Only by learning how to speak the language of your messages will you be able to move forward.


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How do I recognise my gifts and what do I do with them?

January 16, 2011

From Sharley:

How do you recognise your gift/talent and know what it is you are meant to do with it. Mostly I would like to know what it is I am meant to be doing. Some times it feels like I am running in circles.

I know I have some gifts but am not sure exactly what they are and how to develop them. How they fit in with the day to day business of living in this world. I guess what I would really like to know is: How do I recognise my gift/s and if there are more than one should you concentrate on 1 and develop that or go with the flow and work on all of them….


Inspirations from Binah:

We are born with a set of inherent gifts; talents that shape our interactions with the physical world.  While they may lie dormant, they are always with us, waiting for their moment of awakening.  They show themselves continuously, in every little task, encouraging you to push forward toward your life purpose.  To find them, you have only to stop and consciously look at what you naturally like and do.

Cathy Gee provides a wonderful suggestion to use the memories from your high school and college years to shed light to areas stunted before they developed:

Generate a list of all the rewards, good feelings, skills, honors, good grades, jobs you enjoyed… things you felt the best about in high school and college.

Do any of these call to you now?  Which do you feel should/could play an important role in your current life?

Since we are starting from your school years, you can use a technique from that time to help you decide what talent, or talents, to develop: Clustering.

Clustering is a type of prewriting that allows you to explore many ideas as soon as they occur to you. Like brainstorming or free associating, clustering allows you to begin without clear ideas.

Clustering by Fast Smart Web Design

Clustering by Fast Smart Web Design

To begin to cluster, choose a one thing from your school years from the list generated. For example, if you received really good grades in math and participated in math competitions, you might choose “Math” and write that word in the middle of your sheet of paper.

Create a sacred space, call in your guides and guardians, grab a bunch of paper and pens, and begin your clustering.  Circle “math,” then write words all around it -words that occur to you as you think of “math.” Write down everything, even words that may at first appear to be random. Write quickly and with minimal thought, circling each word, grouping words around your the central word. Connect your new words to previous ones with lines; when you feel you have exhausted a particular avenue of associations, go back to your central word and begin again.

Allow your cluster to grow without bounds, naturally flowing from one word to the next.  Some words will take you nowhere; some  words may go off on a tangent.  For writing a college paper a tangent may need to be reigned in, but for this purpose, it is best to let it run wild.

In time, a pattern will develop showing you the best way to manifest and develop this talent or if this is something that should stay dormant.  Remember that it is important to stay detached from the result, since you never know where things will take you.  To use a personal example of how talents can take you down unusual roads…

Math was my favorite subject in high school.  I left it behind when I started college since I didn’t want to be a mathematician.  It followed me back and I soon changed my major from Sociology/Psychology to Engineering… Music Engineering to be exact, because I found that music was the best way to express my love of math.  For the next 20 years, I followed the winding road of mathematics that took me through technology, the arts, business and spirituality, currently manifesting most strongly in Sacred Geometry and Numerology.  I am still not a mathematician nor a physicist (I am not even that good at basic multiplication and arithmetic), but my love of math has guided me on my journey, merging with different subjects along the way, creating the foundation of my life purpose.

Use this cluster to direct your manifestation.  Pull out your Spiritual Toolbox and choose one tool with which to christen the first step on this adventure.  Just like your cluster has many spokes, you journey may as well.  Listen to your internal guidance, be open to all experiences and feel the full power of your burgeoning talents unfold.


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Clustering definition from the University of Richmond’s Writing Center.


What does my gift mean and how do I make it stronger?

December 31, 2010

From Frankia:

I have always been able to “read” people but there have been a few instances where I’ve felt its more than that.  The first was when I was in high school roughly 14 years old. I had gotten on the bus that morning and as I passed this boy I had never spoken to or noticed before I had this overwhelming feeling something was wrong and so I sat next to him and asked him what was wrong. He of course looked at me crazy and said nothing but when I looked into his eyes I felt dark hollow feeling and I just knew he had done something potentially lethal. I badgered him some and he finally told me that he had taken 12 Ritalin just before getting on the bus so he could die. I talked him into going to the nurse where the ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. I saved his life that day. Another instance I told some girl about her family life in great detail which the info just came to me by looking in her eyes. She was mortified that I knew so much and didn’t speak to me after that. Lol… I have used tarot cards to give my friends readings which resulted in being dead on. What does this all mean? If I have a gift how can I make it stronger? Is there anyone who would be my mentor? Thank you taking the time to reply…..


Inspirations from Binah:

You have a beautiful gift; the question lies not in what it means, but instead, in what want to do with it.  Some people feel called to work through the spiritual realms, becoming energy healers or providing guidance, yet others choose to channel their gifts through more traditional professions.  Imagine using your ability in a medical practice or as a social worker.  No matter what path you choose, remember that your power is there to help you achieve your goals, thus empowering to help those around you.

As the new year begins, this is a great time to set intentions and begin a journey.  Use this energy to step onto the path of self-discovery -to uncover your life purpose and develop your talents.  As the clock swings past midnight, ask your Higher Self to show you the path and consciously step into your new role as student.  You are a disciple of the world, seeking instruction from the physical and spiritual, then bringing that into yourself for integration and application.

From within your meditative world, speak openly with your Higher Self about the learning you seek.  Write down what you wish you accomplish and then explore what it will take to get you there.  Think about fears you need to release, knowledge you have yet to acquire and the emotional resources to get you there.

With your intentions set, you have only one more thing to do: be open.  Answers will come in many forms, so it is important to capture all messages and take them into meditation for understanding.  A friend may offer you a book, you may come across a course you wish to take, online browsing may bring you to the website of a fantastic teacher… even a simple conversation in the check-out line of the supermarket may spark a new piece for you to explore.

As the old saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Declare yourself ready to discover how to develop and use your talents in your life journey and soon you will realize that your guides are walking beside you.


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Why can’t I find a partner to share my life with?

September 11, 2010

From Xavier:

For the last few days, I have been talking to a few friends.. all girls.. and they are having relationship problems.. and they are all the same problems. They want so badly to have a partner to share their life with, but seem to always end up with men/woman who aren’t ready and keep running from them saying that they are just too intense. Why can’t they find the same sort of love that they themselves are willing to put out into the universe?

Inspirations from Binah:

The subject of partnership has been a hot topic of conversation in many discussions lately. While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer, there are several patters that can be recognized. The Universe works in many ways, and when you look honestly at the order before you, you find that those ways are not so mysterious after all.

There are times when the desire to be with someone comes not from a place of open sharing, but from an intense need for companionship. Fear of solitude, lack of trusted friends, wanting a helper with life’s work, a need to receive validation from another… all of these can create a strong pull to find someone to navigate the choppy waters of life with, but if you are on a spiritual path, you must remember that the Universe gives when you are ready to receive. In essence, even though you have a deep desire, only when you attain self-sustained happiness and acceptance can the soil be ready for a healthy relationship to bloom.

As a spiritual being, you have a life purpose, a job you are uniquely qualified to do in this lifetime. Before you allow another person to share your intimate space, you must ask yourself, “Are you on the right path?” and more importantly, “Will another person distract you from that path?” Though free will allows you to enter into a relationship with any person you encounter, the Universe is sure to present you with the opportunity for your “happily ever after” when there is certainty that the partnership will support and nurture your growth, instead of allow you to wilt.

So you see, you have work to be done to sow the seeds for a relationship, thus ensuring your Foundation is healthy. Your intensity is a positive reflection of your need to continue a forward motion and not allow others to halt or derail your progress. Walking this Lighted Path means Understanding what elements will create harmony in your life, and even though there are compromises to be made in the union of two individuals, in order for this to be done blissfully, it requires high quality ingredients and a commitment to each maintain your individuality while nurturing a third entity between you – creating your personal vesica piscis.

Add to that the unavoidable truth that awakening amongst the general population has just started, meaning that if you seek a relationship that will feed your physical, emotional and spiritual development… well, to be honest, there are just less people to choose from. Discernment is crucial so as not to fall into the trap of accepting something that is ultimately not right for you. It is equally important to “Know Thyself”. To slip into the abyss of hidden knowledge and look at yourself as clearly as possible.

Are you “truly” ready? Have you released all your expectations on what your partnership will look like, both physically and emotionally? And most importantly, are you willing to do the internal work necessary to confidently walk your path? When you can honestly answer YES to these questions, then step back and enjoy the process with the faith that you will find what you need every step of the way… the Universe always provides.

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