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Spiritual Mulching for your Home

August 23, 2010

Cedar mulch invites community - Practical SpiritualityYou’re looking around your home and in seeing the weeds coming through your trees and plants, you decide it is time to do a little gardening. You head out to the store to pick up supplies and come to the mulch section. Choices, choices, choices… how do you decide which is best?

Here are a few spiritual tips for picking the perfect mulch:

  1. If you’re looking to create a space where you can study or meditate, open to receiving great knowledge, choose the Eucalyptus mulch
  2. If you want to protect your home from negative energies and humans with harmful intentions, choose the Pine or Cypress mulch
  3. If your goal is to create a home that is inviting to friends, where you can share and celebrate, choose the Cedar mulch
  4. To invite romantic love and unselfishness, choose a Red Hardwood mulch
  5. If you have several projects around the house that need to be completed or you just want an extra boost of manifesting energy, choose a General (non-Red) Hardwood mulch

You can put different mulch in different areas to create your ideal habitat. For example, put Pine mulch in the front of your home where burglars are more likely to enter from, put Red Hardwood in the window outside your bedroom, and put Cedar around the backyard where you entertain friends.

Specific spiritual characteristics can also be enhanced by different types of flowers and trees, as well as the geometric patterns in which they are planted. If you’d like personalized guidance, contact me for a Your Spiritual Discussion. Together, we’ll plant the perfect space for your spiritual growth!


Enjoying the “unusual” life

August 21, 2010

I forget at times that my life is not what you would call “normal”. I am a Cuban-American living in Spain who has spent time living in Miami, Boston, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Lisboa, Barcelona… I speak fluent English and Spanish, which means I enjoy the richness of several cultures. I have a history in the arts, including music, software, circus and electronic dance parties. Add to that the fact that I teach about Practical Spirituality and Magick… and well, you have an interesting background to pull from.

Museu d'Arquologia de Catalunya

I think it is because of this that I don’t realize how unusual my daily experiences can be. A few days ago I took my roommate (who is a wonderful main-stream woman from Ecuador) to visit a client at the Museu d’Arquologia de Catalunya (Archeological Museum). My client is eccentric. He is a fantastic burst of energy that is well versed in Hermetic studies, Spanish politics and Traffic, as he used to specialize in eliminating congestion problems in the transportation department. Every time I see him, he is fill with new ideas about how to improve the world. He speaks a mile-a-minute and can jump from one subject to the next, weaving a thread that may be imperceptible at first, but always shows itself in the end.

As we sat on the couches of this lovely museum, he began explaining how a Tarot reading he received showed him that I entered his life to fulfill the role of great spiritual teacher and kept gushing to others about a Practical Kabbalah talk I gave a few months back. He’s been working through a set of obstacles over the last year and feels confident that he is finally reaching the end of that journey. It makes me smile to see his changes since his DNA Activation. He is extremely focused and positive, which is a sharp contrast to the person he was when we first started working together.

life roadblocks He rattled off a bunch of ideas for new projects, overcoming life roadblocks, things he wants to learn and how he is moving forward. My roommate sat there speechless. She is slowly finding her own spiritual path and having this person so openly talk about his blending of spirituality and life was shocking, in an encouraging way. You see, his ideas are all around taking the Hermetic Principles and Kabbalah and putting them into practice. He wants people to have access to physical and energetic methods of working through problems. His ideas are marvelous and I am excited to see him manifest them.

At his request, we were given a guided tour of the museum, which was fantastic since it is a gorgeous place (an how often to do you get a personal tour of a museum?). In the middle of the tour, we were interrupted because one my client’s co-workers wanted guidance. My roommate went off with my client while the coworker and I spoke for about half an hour about an etheric/emotional cord he has that needs to be cut. We discussed the root of the cord and ways to cut it in this lifetime. These types of impromptu sessions seem to happen to me frequently, which is why I created Your Spiritual Discussion.

During that time, my roommate had a chance to ask questions of my client that, until now, she had only been able to ask me. She was fascinated by his frank answers about seeing beyond the physical, hermetic thought, emotional freedom and more. What to me is everyday conversation, to her was something usually only discussed behind closed doors, if at all.

Librería Mandrágora We left the museum together, continuing our fluid discussions until we reached the metro where my roommate and I continued on to some esoteric bookstores and lunch, and my client headed home. I won’t even begin to tell you what it was like to go through an esoteric bookstore with someone that is just beginning her spiritual awakening. ;)

Needless to say, it was a fantastic day had by all: I got to see the world through fresh eyes; her veils became a little more transparent. I was reminded of how blessed I am and said a prayer of gratitude to Source for all the people that cross my path. It is through others that I learn my greatest lessons.


Providing Empowerment through Many Mediums

June 19, 2010

Bliss and Abundance

June and July bring many new and unexpected gifts this year. With each day, I learn that patience is one of the most beautiful traits we humans possess. It allows us to look at any given situation and dedicate the time needed to decipher the lessons and find the path to be taken. As a naturally impatient person, I am humbled by the many teachers that have so elegantly (and at necessary times, harshly) presented this lesson and patiently waited for me to see the Light.

As I sit before my computer busily writing what the Universe has so distinctly told me must be put to paper, I eagerly share my work with you through many mediums. I begin with my upcoming classes in S. Florida. For this visit, I not only expand my offerings to include a new DNA meditation and a talk on Practical Kabbalah, I also travel farther north giving classes in Palm Beach Gardens in addition to Miami.

Expand and Excel in S. Florida
Tree of Knowledge

Classes and Workshops

Dade &

Saturday, July 3rd, 10am to 6pm
Practical Magick I Location: Kendall/Miami

Acquire tools and knowledge you can use daily to manifest in the physical, protect yourself and connect to your power. $111

Information Sessions
Thursday, July 1st
Kabbalah Talk

Understand the mystical knowledge of the Tree of Life
7pm, Suggested Donation $5
Location: Kendall/Miami

Monday, July 5th, 11am to 6pm
Sacred Geometry I and Astral Travel
** Palm Beach Location & Registration **

The geometric patterns that are fundamental to the structure of the Universe. Safe & effective method for traveling the Universe retrieving insight. $111

Tuesday, July 6th – 7pm
DNA Activation Talk
and Meditation
Find out how to activate all your DNA and unlock hidden talents
7pm, Suggested Donation $5
Location: Kendall/Miami

Location information,

register for a class,

schedule your
private session:

e-mail today

Class descriptions:

Saturday, July 10th, 10am to 6pm
Practical Magick II Location: Kendall/Miami

The hierarchy of light welcomes you as you learn the inner secrets and expand your ability to manifest and harness energy.$111

Tuesday, July 13th, 7pm to 9:30pm
Manifesting Abundance using Kabbalah
** Palm Beach Location & Registration **

Go through the Four Worlds to learn how to effectively create all your heart desires. $22

Sunday, July 11th, 10am to 6pm
Sacred Geometry II Location: Kendall/Miami

From the point to the decahedron, harness the power within shapes. Learn tools for action and integration of knowledge. $111

Saturday and Sunday, July 17th & 18th
Gifts of the Spirit Location: Pinecrest/Miami

Journey through the Dimensions with your Higher Self learning from Elementals, Archangels, and Masters of Light to discover yourself. $222

Vote for ME!

Moving into a new medium, I enthusiastically remind you to vote for me to have my OWN television show. Just in case you missed my previous message, I have entered the Oprah Winfrey “Search for the Next Star – Your OWN Show” contest. Only the 5 contestants with the highest number of votes will make it to the next round. With under 1000 votes, I am a bit behind the top 5 (who each have over 1.5 million), but given that you can vote without limit and since I have faith in my ability to manifest, I know that my own show will become a reality. I ask you to go to this page and click the big, green ‘vote’ button again and again. If you are on Facebook or Twitter, please post the URL to your status and ask your friends to vote as well.

Together, we can get bring practical spirituality to every home!

While I eagerly await the moment when I can share with you some of the other things I am working on, patience has taught me that I must wait. You can expect that soon there will be more visual and auditory ways to bring practical magick into your daily life…

For now, my lips are sealed!

Photo by Cookiemonstah

Inspirations from Binah

In the mean time, if you have any obstacles that you would like help overcoming, feel free to contact me or submit a question to:

Inspirations from Binah continues to provide nurturing advice for all areas of life. From issues in your business to dealing with relationships, infusing spirituality will bring about a harmonious resolution. Check out the latest questions answered or ask your own!

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yvette Soler provides tools that combine spirituality with practicality to awaken dormant gifts and empower you to follow your path and fulfill your dreams. In addition to teaching, using her tools as a Ritual Master and Kabbalist, she offers Activations, Cord Cuttings, Purifications and Coaching in private sessions. She is the voice behind Inspirations from Binah, providing personal advice for you. yvette resides in Europe and travels extensively bringing in the light.


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