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I’m having terrible memory issues and increased psychic ability

December 4, 2009

From Paula:

I have had terrible memory issues. I think that I have a real problem. About 3 years ago I fell 10 feet onto my back in the middle of the night from a loft that was being renovated in a warehouse apartment that I was renting.

I laid there alone for several hours until the am. However I woke up in bed in the morning. I had a terrible concussion, and didn’t even realize what had happened to me until 5:30 pm that day. They did several tests, and nothing showed to have been a problem, however I suffered 3 seizures 2.5 months after my fall.

About a month ago I had another seizure out of the blue. I also have been having several memory issues. I cannot multi-task, and I used to be able to do this rather well. I have had many black outs of memory lately that are the same, as they were the first time that I hit my head. Pockets of time or episodes where I totally misplace something and have NO idea what happened.

I haven’t any medical insurance and I really need to understand what is happening to me. This is also affecting my business, however my psychic ability has increased, and I say things to people as if it were regular conversation and I have no idea that I am channeling. There have been several times where I have had people nearly fall off their chair by something that I have said, that I would have no idea of unless the spirit whispered it to me.

What do I do?

Inspirations from Binah:

There are several ways to look at your situation. You can go after the physical symptoms and consult once again with a doctor. Given your lack of medical insurance, there is probably a reluctance to take this approach until other avenues have been explored, but it is important not to remove it from the list of options until you feel well.

Your blackouts and memory issues may be strongly related to your increased psychic ability. When you go into a full body trance state, your consciousness takes a back seat as the entity you are channeling comes in. When you are done, your consciousness steps back into her rightful place and you have no memory of what happened.

The important thing to remember is that you have control over whether or not you allow an entity to use you as a channel. Right now, you are not exercising that right and the entity has free reign to come and go as it pleases. You have to take back control and decide if you want this entity to channel through you at all. If you decide to create a contract with it, then you must set strong boundaries around the use of your body.

Go into your meditative sanctuary and ask your Higher Self to bring in the entity you are channeling. Ask the entity any questions you feel are important in determining whether you want to continue working with it. Be clear in stating that it can not enter unless you give explicit permission. Even if you choose to continue working with it, you want to come up with a system where it either asks before entering, relays information for you to consciously pass on, or you call it when you are ready. If you choose not to continue channeling this entity, tell it your decision and that it can no longer enter you at all. Your boundary will be honored.

This process is the same regardless of the entity channeled. Given your abilities, expect other entities to also want to work with you. Just as in the physical world, you want to associate only with those you feel comfortable with. Each time, you must consciously choose to accept or deny the contract, or you can decide to shut down your channeling abilities until you are ready. Once you are fully in control, you may find the physical symptoms dissipate, for the body’s actions are manifestations of your energy field. Be strong and know that you have the power to heal your body, now is the time to exercise it!

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Have you ever heard of a “brain field” flip?

December 2, 2009

From Forrest:

I have been doing dream work to uncover subconscious anxiety and making good progress. About two weeks ago I felt a physical change in my brain, a “flip” felt like a magnetic field type of adjustment in my head. I did not tell anyone, but some have noticed a change – for the better. Also for the last month I’ve been keeping a journal writing it with my less dominate hand – its backwards (mirror writing) and as my penmanship has been improving – I’ve noticed another “voice” – no I’m not hearing voices – Its me – just – well, its different. Weird eh? – I’m hip. My question is: Have you ever heard of a “brain field” flip? And a follow up: Am I on the right path?”

Inspirations from Binah:

The intention set in your dream work has lead to you discover new modes of perception. These changes open your field of vision and show you additional levels of consciousness. It is a wonderful step on your journey, and one that if harnessed, can lead you to explore parts of your yourself previously hidden.

As you noted, the voice in your head is still you, though in an elevated state. By writing with your less dominate hand, you remove your logical processes and flow with the information unencumbered. Not being able to read as you write, gives you the added benefit of not censuring. As you become more comfortable with this new modality available to you, you will be able to flip between it and your previous state as necessary. Think of the added benefit you have of seeing a situation not only through the traditional brain field, but also through this new one.

Each tool you add to your toolbox helps you to travel further on your path. Enjoy this gift and allow it to develop naturally. Write when the inspiration comes. Both the writing and the method of writing are providing you with clues to deeper levels of your own physical and spiritual world. The keys to deciphering the messages are being provided as you become ready to receive them. One by one, take each key and unlock your treasure box. You may even find that the box has multiple keys for each compartment. Use this newfound perception to integrate all the riches you are receiving, and when you are ready, apply them in your daily life.

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End of the year solutions

December 1, 2009

We have entered the final stretch of 2009.  December is a month filled with Holiday parties, friends and family.  For many of us, it is also a time of chaos and confusion.

Need help with a problem?
Looking for inspiration to follow your dreams?
Want to know how to move forward?

If you have questions or concerns and would like to find answers, Inspirations from Binah welcomes all Questions and is always here to provide personal advice and inspiration for you.  Ask and ye shall receive…


How do I deepen my connection with my Soul?

October 3, 2009

From Maja:

I have been learning more about the experiential side of my soul. And its role in the Tree of life as Harmonizer and mediator. I feel for a long time I have intellectually grasped its meaning, but am now going a bit deeper.
In channeling the wisdom of my Higher Self, which I am still learning, I kept trying to some how by pass the soul, or at least was not appreciating its value. But recent events on my homefront and in general are waking me up to its light.
I guess I don’t know how properly to phrase my question, but concerning living out the Will of our Spirit/Higher Self, how can we help ourselves by working more with our Souls.
I am looking for the next step in order to bring harmony to my personal self, through acceptance and integration of our Souls gifts and purpose in our daily life.
Any insights or thoughts you might have concerning, my jumbled question would be greatly appreciated!
all my love and light

Inspirations from Binah:

Forming a connection with your soul allows you to perceive beyond the 5 physical senses of your human existence. Measuring 500 ft beyond the aura, your soul body provides a gateway through the forces of creation. Elements, Aura, Ether, Magnetism and Dimensions: 5 additional senses that are accessed through the soul/body connection.

The soul is the mechanism to sense your spirit essence. It provides you with answers in the same way as your eyes or nose do. Working with it is about using a tool, a way to gather information from your purest, spiritual self and, with the help of your Higher Self, bring it back to this world to be translated into the language of our humanity. In your personal oracling, ride the energy of these additional senses and with a big net. Capture all that lies within those 500 ft – sense through the elements, work through the aura, travel the physical and spiritual dimensions… this is what lies beyond taste, smell, sight, hearing and feeling.

The gifts of the soul are not the traditional words of wisdom, but dictionaries to understand the words coming from your spiritual core. Unlock the restrictions on your senses and the flood of new sensations will deepen your personal connection to spirit, therefore allowing you to find the harmony you seek.

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I’m trying to communicate with my Higher Self

September 26, 2009

From Kishor:

I shall be grateful if you can advise me with following and route I should take.

I am trying to communicate with my higher self, but I feel that I am not doing that, despite I am aware that my higher self does guide me, but I do not understand or fail to grasp the guidance I get. Please do advise how to go about.

Inspirations from Binah:

Communication with your Higher Self and other beings comes in a language only you can understand. Finding the right dictionary can take time, but once you discover it, it will unlock new teachings and allow you to learn about things you never thought possible.

To best discover the language in which you are communicating, go into meditation and ask your Higher Self a specific question. Keep a notebook close by and set your intention to remember everything you are given during the session. During the meditation, capture these messages with every sensation. As you come out of mediation, before speaking or even moving around, write everything you learned. Do not worry about whether what you saw made sense, capture it on paper to be analyzed later. Write down thoughts, symbols, sensations, tastes, smells… no matter how big or small, if it comes into your mind, write it down.

Repeat this process several times and when you feel you are tuning in to the messages, the time has come to decipher them. Go back through your writing and start putting answers to questions. Think beyond the dense world in which we live and allow the answers to flow to you through the symbols and sensations recorded in your writing. Let Sacred Geometry, Gematria, Kabbalah and any other study you have undertaken provide keys to understanding.

In time, you will discover a clear language between yourself and your Higher Self. Through this process of discovery, you will also learn how to communicate with other beings. With each conversation, your awareness broadens and you will soon find that communion with beings beyond the veil is as easy as speaking with a family member. When we release our minds from the constraints of human language, we discover that there is much to learn beyond simple words.

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