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What could be blocking me?

September 26, 2009

From Anonymous:

I started speaking to archangels, and on the 2nd evening i was filled with a great fear and felt there was a dark presence in the room, i was very uncomfortable even when i went to sleep! i am sensitive to these kinds of things and it did not feel right… the next evening, i burned sage in the room this happened in and around me when i was asking for the tube of light and still i did not see it fully. what could be blocking me and what can i do?

Inspirations from Binah:

It is often hard to understand why the need for protection is so great, but as you experienced, when you open yourself to see beyond the veils of this world, you realize that not all is aligned with the light. When you feel surrounded by a dark presence, invoke the light by saying these words, “I am the light. I hold the light; the light is with me always*.” There is no need to fear, for you carry within you the power to protect yourself.

Burning sage clears the residual negative energy and is a great way to ensure that there is no build-up. It also removes any energy that may be blocked in your physical space. Continue to smudge the room and as you do it, visualize all negative energy dissipating – moving into the light to be transmuted into positive energy. Clearing your physical space is a continual process that should be done any time you feel a disturbance.

Once you feel your space is clear, it is time to look inward for any blockages that may prevent your full flow of light energy. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in meditation as you explore what doubt or fear is holding you back from communing with the Archangels and accepting their protection. Speak directly with your Higher Self to learn what you must do to step into your full power and open yourself to those beings that are offering assistance.

There are many rituals that can provide additional protection – seek out these teachings when you are ready to learn more. How you acquire them is up to you, what is most important is that you feel worthy of accepting and using it all. Remember, you have the power within you, all you need to do is learn how to step into it.

* Credit: “Worldbridger” by Juliet and Jiva Carter

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How do I overcome and not just run away?

September 5, 2009

From Ruth:

i am struggling. Mostly with anger and negativity inside, which leads to me not wanting to be around others to avoid projecting it upon them and/or them having a different view of who i am or what have you…. i feel i have lost myself and what makes me happy – when i go to do things i used to love i feel i am just going thru the motions, i feel uncomfortable in social situations  b/c i feel everyone can see i am not really present.

i know a lot of this has to do w not enough support from family/dysfunctions, undealt w/ptsd from trauma (even 10 yr old major stuff) and current abandonment and major life change which i initiated and needs to happen (mostly a major break up from a serious life partner of 5 yrs) but i don’t know where to begin! how do i ask for help, like energy work from coworkers for example (i’m a massage therapist) when i am embarrassed of my situation, my mistakes… etc. what is a way to present it with strength so i can overcome it and not just run away from humiliation and hide deeper in my sadness…does this make sense? i hope?

Inspirations from Binah:

As care givers we often forget that we need care as well. Being in the field, it is easy to fear asking for help because there is a belief that you need to look strong and in control for your clients, but the truth is, when you reach out, you lead by example. You show your clients that you understand the importance of taking care of yourself and are willing to do all that is necessary to be healthy.

It is important to protect yourself from absorbing negativity during this time and to shield others from your anger. Speak with your Higher Self and ask for the archangels to place a tube of light around you for as long as is necessary. This tube acts as a shield in both directions – it prevents you from absorbing and projecting. It will allow you to begin the process of looking within to reach the source of your issues and creates a safe environment for you to work without negatively affecting others. Once the tube of light is in place, you are ready to seek out the help you need.

Energy exchanges are a fantastic way to learn new skills and get help. Your fellow energy workers, like yourself, need care. Creating a circle of exchange is mutually beneficial and will give you the opportunity to heal together. When you find that you hit an issue that is beyond the expertise of those in your group, seek outside the circle. With their support, you will be stronger and will easily find that which you need.

Shed any feelings of embarrassment and humiliation, for they do not serve you. Each and every one of us has been in the same situation at some point. Focus on healing, on becoming healthy, on growing strong again. Accept what has happened to you and move forward knowing you are supported and loved. The archangels will take good care of you, there is no need to fear.

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Gifts of the Spirit – 10th & 11th April – London

March 19, 2009

Gifts of the Spirit

10th and 11th April


We all channel in one way or another without being aware of it. These messages are usually received through our creative abilities. This two day class will teach you how to reach 11 of the 12 Spiritual Dimensions where you will contact your Higher Self, Guides and Spiritual Teachers. This is an amazing chance to change how you look at “reality” and show you the dynamic guidance that is available to you for your life.

In this class you will learn:

  • A shamanic journeying process to find who you are sourced from at the dimensions of the Archangels, Masters of Light, Group Soul and more.
  • Telepathy, Automatic Writing, Clairaudience (hearing)
  • How to safely channel appropriate Light Beings
  • How to create a sacred protected space
  • How to use meditation, channeling and astral travel as a tool for your spiritual evolution, and more

Gifts of the Spirit shows you how to work with your Higher Self. As a result you are assured of the source and validity of the information you are receiving. Be prepared to go on many wonderful journeys that will show you who you are and where you came from (your spiritual lineage). Learn how to enhance your connection to God/Source through this spiritual process.

For Location and Registration, contact Robin Annal or 07963176818


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