Questions Asked

I can’t handle a long distance relationship
How can I create a creative environment?
Will I be punished for my negative thoughts?
Who lead me down this road?
How do I take my career to the next level?
How can my partner and I communicate better?
Longing for lost love/first love
My partner is pulling me down, should I go?
I want to cry, but I feel emotionless. Is this normal?
What is a Mind Storm? Can we create Psychic Storms?
My son is aggressive and mean, what do I do?
Is forgiveness a state of being or state of doing?
Where do I start to be where I once was?
How do the 10 commandments fit into Kabbalah?
Need help letting go of past hurts and finding my positive self
I am living between two worlds, how do I live my purpose?
How do I invoke the emotion of loving myself?
I want to release my longing for an unhealthy love, suggestions?
Who moves the forces of the Universe?
Is channeling something everyone can learn?
Am I wrong about my boyfriend? Is my intuition wrong?
Why do I see/hear things that are scary?
How do I protect myself from energies that are affecting my health?
What can I do to recognize my next steps in life?
How do I heal the betrayal of a friend?
I need help to have confidence when talking to the public
How can I explore my unconscious self?
How do we see we are chasing rejection and heal it?
How do I recognise my gifts and what do I do with them?
I am no longer a young woman, what do I do now?
Is there such a thing as a Real Friend?
What does my gift mean and How do I make it Stronger?
How can I keep my Heart from not being Broken again?
I am overwhelmed by messages, Help!
I am in love, I feel trapped, I need to move on
Should I Change My Name?
Everything I Try Fails, How do I Succeed?
What Beings Should I Listen To?
What can I do to Bring him Closer?
My Partner is Sick, Can Art Heal?
What is in my Cupboard?
What is the Purpose of the Universe?
What can I put in my new house?
What is my Dream Job?
What can’t I find a Partner to Share my Life with?
How do I Find and Make Good Friends?
How do I contact my Higher Self to Find what is Missing?
Are women too impatient?
Should you ever put your dream aside?
What if the Universe if vying against me?
How do I get the life I want?
How can I develop my intuition?
Fear is holding me in place, what do I do?
I feel things, but I don’t know what to do
How do I embrace faith?
How do I push past my environment?
Can people learn new concepts?
Interpreting Sacred Geometry
What do I do?
Evil only prospers when good men look away
Is there a glimmer of hope?
What is my soul purpose?
How do I develop my personal oracling?
Will I be moving in the near future?
I think I need help, I’m stuck
Why can’t I end an affair?
Is now the time?
I have such a sense of panic
Is there a force field preventing me from a relationship?
What could be holding me back from seeing the spirit world?
What are Cosmic Lines?
What is happening to my life?
I have lost all sense of time
What do quality roommates want?
I’m having terrible memory issues and increased psychic ability
What should I be doing with my educational career?
I’m being driven to start my own church, am I delusional?
Prospering from my art
Have you ever heard of a “brain field” flip?
What is a DNA Activation?
How do I get her to tell me what she’s really thinking?
I’m trying to attract abundance and it has left me in the negative
Is this synchronization?
I moved cities and now I’m stuck, what happened?
Can you control Astral Projection?
Can you find imbalances when you begin working with soul senses?
Am I progressing well in my spiritual growth?
How can I connect with my Higher Self?
Where should I look for meaningful work?
How do I deepen my connection with my Soul?
I want to find a job that brings me happiness
I’m trying to communicate with my Higher Self
I want to start my career, but my mind is full of negative thoughts
What could be blocking me?
Recently, I’ve been having issues… What next?!?
How do I overcome and not just run away?
I am facing lots of problems, any guidance?
I’m very confused about religion
My husband and I split, will he come back?
How do I shield myself from negative energies?
What was this fortuitous energy experience?
Me siento atraída por este mundo y creo que es por algo
When am I going to be able to work with my healing gifts?
When I’m away from school, the sadness returns
How do I keep my friend from damaging herself?
I recently broke my wrist, what does it mean?
I’m in love with my best friend, do I risk the friendship?
How do you see your aura?
I am interested in psychic stuff, angels, etc., what do I do?
I am homeless and rootless, what is happening?
How do I discover my spiritual connection and find a soulmate?
Frustrated as I’m not seeing a career manifest into reality
Is it wrong to be gay if your happy with the person you are with?
I feel like I’m losing my best friend
Is it possible to maintain the feeling of Oneness in the real world?
How do we define a crime?
I have a great negative power inside me that I need to release
I am seeing polygon shapes in my mind’s eye…
I don’t think my mom wants me in the house anymore
What are your thoughts on Love Spells?
When can you see me falling in love?
What do I do when he’s kissing another girl?
I fear I will not have a family, how do I choose a path?
What does a black Aura mean?
Looking to be used to my potential
Is it wise to ask for what you want vs need?
I feel like I should doing bigger things, but I’m scared
Writing love letter to jail?
Recently woke up by God, now what?
How do you let go of hate when you are not free?
How do you deal with the human need for companionship?
Do I need an initiation?
How is my current state of consciousness perceived?
What is the pineal gland used for?
Can I ask for Monetary Abundance?
How do I tune into wealth?
Should I enlist in the Military?
Spring Questions
I’m struggling to get clear on what I must do on this planet
How do I clear the negative and bring in the positive?
Am I doing the right thing for my daughter?
How to work miracles?
Are things getting better on this planet?
How can I grow more and help people?
Should I move on from my relationship?
Can a Spirit Guide take Human Form?
For several years I have felt lost, I need guidance
How do I move on from my ex?
How do I stop her from entering my dreams?
What am I doing wrong?
What is the best way to Astral Travel?
Perception vs Imagination?
I am about to embark on a new career as an acupuncturist. However…
I have been trying too hard I think to hold it together, and am feeling…
How do you balance the world of the physical and the spiritual?


  1. My spiritual quest began many years ago. Many a times, my developments happened by chance, not when I am “trying”. I feel I am aware of most of the basics of spirituality, but there is this constant need in me to learn more so I can make the big jump. But it isn’t happening. Am I trying too hard?

    In those stages when I developed by chance, I felt the universe was telling my what my purpose in my life is. With a lot of commitment, I tried to put my life in that path, but to no avail. Now I feel like I am lost in between two worlds. I am forced to live again in the materialistic world, but truly speaking it feels like I am in a no man’s land in between two worlds.

    Is there any advice you can give me?

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