About yvette Soler…

About yvette:

yvette Soleryvette has a unique background that spans from the music industry, to technology, back into the arts and culminating in teaching of Western Hermetic Magick. Surrounded by the arts, yvette has been an actor, singer, dancer, live sound engineer and audio/video quality specialist. She spent eight years in technology enabling music and art through software at RealNetworks and Microsoft.
yvette is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infinite Connections, a multifaceted company specializing in Artist Booking and Event Production with the goal of connecting people to new experiences through art and music.
As a Teacher Initiate, she provides tools that combine practicality with spirituality to awaken dormant gifts and empower you to follow your path and fulfill your life purpose. yvette resides in Europe and travels extensively bringing in the light as an inspirational speaker, teacher and healer with her company Eternal Light Energy and as a writer via her spiritual advice column Inspirations from Binah.

“My purpose in life is simple: to inspire you to make your dreams come true. I am a bridge that helps you find your way over an obstacle. We must learn to manifest in the physical, for all the wisdom of the Universe does us no good if we do not learn how to use it where we live, on Earth. And so I offer you my experience. I offer you the opportunity to let me build a bridge over your obstacles. Contact me to begin…”

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