Gratitude for a community that knows there is more beyond

April 19, 2012

Magic is every dayIt has been a long time since I posted a blog. When I began my journey at Damanhur, I felt it was important to give myself space to become a full-fledged student again. This required putting aside all my teaching for a period of time in order to fully immerse myself in this world and decide if it was something I wanted to incorporate in my life.

At the beginning of 2012, I decide that it was time to slowly start merging my life as a teacher back into my life as a student. Many of the things I have learned at Damanhur have complimented and enhanced that which I have been teaching and studying for many years. A few need(ed) time to work through my body-mind-spirit, taking a bit of that and seeing how it fit into a model I thought I understood. I have had some profound experiences in the Temples of Humankind, exploring new modalities, walking circuits and participating in ritual, adding more spiritual tools to my overflowing toolboxes. Everyday I have the ability to manifest my spirituality in daily life via life in community, something that brings me immense joy!

I was talking to a friend today about her experiences as a child. She is extremely open energetically, and has a gift for helping others cross over from this life to the next. She has been astral traveling and sensing the energies of others all her life, often times without control. As a child, this caused her great pain because her family did not, and still does not, understand nor fully accept that her episodes are a result of something beyond this world. She was sent from one doctor to another, checking her for all types of physical and psychological issues. In the end, she was lucky to find Damanhur, which provided her a loving community in which she could openly talk about all she was experiencing and begin to construct a new life.

This friend has a lovely little boy who is also very open energetically. While he often struggles with working through all that he is absorbing, he has a supportive network of people that can help him both energetically, through spiritual tools, as well as emotionally. In talking about all of this with my friend, I was reminded of how fortunate we are to have created a global community where we can talk openly about our experiences, where we can explore free of judgment or labels, where energy flows from this plane to the next and back again.

It is this gratitude that propels me to write again, to share my story and those of others. It is easy to forget that there are people in the world that do not have this level of support, where seeing a being from another dimension is called a disease instead of a gift. I encourage all of you to share your stories, either online or by word of mouth. When you tell another person about your gifts and experiences, you often find that they have similar stories to share, but were often too afraid to tell them.

Living in a primarily Catholic Country, I am reminded of just how repressed, lonely and scared people can be when they feel that they are struggling with something that no one else understands. What to many of us are gifts we use every day, for them are terrifying powers with negative connotations. The more open we are about our experiences, the more people see that what they are living is a blessing — something to be treasured and nurtured. Any time you have an opportunity, I encourage you to share your story, you never know how many people one story can help.

Blessings of love and light from Italy!

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  1. are you illuminati fan?

    • Not sure what you mean by “illuminati”. There are some that think that it is a secret organization here to control the world from behind the curtain. Others that think that they are people helping humanity evolve. Still others that think they are people of power that want to play games, and so on…. which illuminati are you speaking of?

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