From the mountains of Italy to the streets of S. Florida

November 8, 2011

Dinner at Eco

It is hard to believe that four months have passed since I arrived at Damanhur. What they say is true, time operates on a completely different plane here. What takes months to accomplish normally, is achieved in only days. Amazing! As I look out across the vineyards of my nucleo home Eco and out into the mountains of Northern Italy, I am reflecting on the topsy-turvy path that has brought me here. I know now that had I arrived in Damanhur any sooner, I would not have been ready to live this experience. Every lesson was necessary; every moment treasured. Thank you Universe, Higher Self, Friends, Family and Guardians for guiding my path.

In Damanhur, I have found a physical spiritual toolbox for all my individual personalities:
yvette with flames
  • Daily Magick and Ritual to reawaken the divine spark in each one of us
  • A desire to research and discover personal Spiritual Tools to navigate daily life
  • Community Living that creates familial bonds which include blood-ties and friendship
  • Sustainability and Artistry in Action
  • Wide network of friendships and work models that allow me to embody the rocker, teacher, healer, artist, student, trancer, performer, technology geek, bridge-builder, etc. in ME!

A wave of apology to all the people that have reached out to me for help in the last few months. Adjusting to my new schedule has taken quite a bit of maneuvering. Being far from a big city and in the mountains, the network connection is not always up to par, which has prevented me from doing online courses and healings. Until things change, I can only offer email support, which I personally think is better. With email support, you get a weekly checkin plus the ability to ask all your questions when they come to mind. I have also started writing again, so expect more from Inspirations from Binah!

In the spirit of full immersion reconnection, I am super excited to announce that I will be returning to S. Florida the last two weeks of November. What started off as a family trip, has of course expanded into a teaching and sharing  opportunity. Ada Novak recently opened the Laya Center in Davie, Florida and has asked me to give a presentation on Living Consciously:

Self-sufficient energy

Would you like to create a self sustaining, holistic and spiritual based lifestyle?

Please, join us for an eye opening evening filled with wonderful first hand information to help create a more conscience way of life. World traveling and now resident of the incredible Damanhur, Federation of Communities – A SELF SUSTAINING COMMUNITY OF OVER 1,000. yvette will share priceless  information on several topics including:





Music of the PlantsAdditionally, I will be demonstrating the music of the plants via a
bio energy translator which actually allows us to hear the vibrations
from the plants and the beautiful music they make!

Because of the importance of this
information and the need for all to receive it. This will be a donation
based class. Please, be conscious of the Energy Exchange.

Monday, 28 November 2011
7pm to 10pm

Laya Center – A Woman’s Sanctuary

10851 REAR S.W. 42 Place

Abundance sometimes takes a little while to balance, but that seems like a good problem to have. Slowly life finds a new rhythm and I am happily navigating every new challenge and discovery. It is an privilege to share all that life has shown me… I am here to serve.

Blessings of loving light!
-yvette Soler
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