How can I create a creative environment?

June 21, 2011

Monique asks:

I work from home and find that sometimes I miss the creativity that comes from working with a group. Is there anything I can do to create a more creative environment by myself?



Inspirations from Binah replies:

There is a spark of creativity that is often generated when multiple people get together to bounce ideas around. While modern technology makes it easier to co-create in non-physical collaborative environments, it is not always the same as having someone in the room. Then again, working alone does have its advantages — when you are feeling the need to focus, it is much easier to turn off applications on your computer than to shut out people.

To infuse your office or workshop with the energy of a creative work environment, you need to build a system that continuously brings down imaginative energy and integrates it into your physical space. One way to do this is with an altar. While many see altars as only to honor Source, they are also powerful spiritual tools for tapping into energy currents, and with the right intention, filling a given space with that flow.

Altars have been used for centuries as a filter to focus and harmonize energy. It is a place to put sacrificial offerings, voluntarily giving something away in order to open yourself to receive something greater. But they can also be amplifiers, harmonizing energy based on the intention with which each object is placed. It is in this capacity that an altar will generate the creative atmosphere you are looking for.

Creativity Altar

For this work, you will need:

  1. A dedicated space where you can have burning candles.
    1. It can be a shelf or small table, just so long as it is out of the way so as not to be disturbed.
  2. Two candles of any color.
    1. Allow the choice of color to be part of the process. When picking the candles, consciously ask which colors will connect to the creative energy you seek.
  3. A black marker.
  4. Any objects that represent the work you are creating.

Using the marker, draw an Icosahedron like the one shown below on a candle:


Icosahedron by GeometerArtist, on Flickr

On the other candle draw a Truncated Icosahedron as shown here:


C60 by Arenamontanus, on Flickr

Create a simple affirmation to represent your intention to continuously flow creative energy into the space. Remember to use positive words and the present tense in your affirmation!

With all your preparation complete, now comes the fun part: assembly! Take your time to set your space. Clear out any unwanted energy by smudging or burning cleansing incense. With your space clean, call in your Higher Self and any guides who wish to help you build this altar.

Bring to mind your affirmation, consciously projecting it out onto the altar so that it can be woven into the energy of every object placed. Place the candle with the Icosahedron on the right. Place the candle of the Truncated Icosahedron on the left. Scatter around them the objects that represent the work you are creatively manifesting. As you are doing this, repeat your affirmation continuously — either silently or out loud.

With all the objects in place, light the candles and feel them connect with the symbols to create a renewable engine that pulls down creativity, flows it out in to the space and infuses this energy into your work. Every time you need a boost to your creativity levels, light the candles and let the power of Source spark your imagination.



If you are looking for advice on a specific question, browse through the questions asked under Recent Advice or submit your own question. All questions are encouraged, for when you are in the thick of things, there is no such thing as a small problem.

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