Will I be punished for my negative thoughts?

June 7, 2011

fragile mind leftover

Fragile Mind Leftover

Manuel asks:

It is my essential belief that the universe returns to us that which we ourselves put out, however we are all of us imperfect and at times though we struggle intellectually not to wish ill upon someone our own hurt may overwhelm us and we find ourselves thinking unkind thoughts of another. Do you believe that if we send out negative thoughts towards someone while struggling to NOT do so the Universe will nonetheless still, for lack of a better word, “punish” us? This is to say if I WANT to be able to wish someone well, but am not yet able to do so are there spiritual consequences I will reap in the interim?

Inspirations from Binah replies:

Human manifestation begins in the mind as a combination of vocabulary and intention. In the psyche, a complex game is being played that mixes together who we are and who we are becoming. Our past provides perspective , and if we are open, we invite additional help from physical and non-physical forces. Each component is vital in order to balance the voluntary and involuntary systems  at play.

Transformation is a continual process. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, it is difficult to bring what we think we “should” do into alignment with what we are doing. And the reason for this is quite simple: there is still a lesson to be learned. Brute force can only take you so far. You must journey through the entire tree to reach the harmonious point at which Wisdom and Understanding create Knowledge and Mercy converts Judgment into Discernment. Once you have found this balance, you will see the Beauty in every  situation, allowing Thoughts and Emotions to synch in Action.

Learning can be a slow process. We must experience each step, reading the Universal messages and integrating them into daily life. So while this is going on, what do you do about the random (or sometimes not so random) negative thought that escapes before you have a chance to transform it?

You accept — You forgive — You search for the lesson — and… You transmute.

The Universe does not “punish” the seeker, she merely holds up a mirror for us to see the reflection of our actions. Sometimes, those actions come with consequences. If you accept and learn from them, you will find negative effects to be fleeting, and after the sting wears off, you will probably be grateful for the revelation. You see, each lesson allows you to see with clarity the mechanism of the Universe and what part your thoughts and actions play in the development of the reality we are co-creating. It is only when you resist or ignore comprehending the cause that consequences are prolonged, and can escalate into chronic issues.

Your question alone shows that you are on a path to discover the light hidden in the darkness of your psyche. Just as a small child learning to walk may get scratched or bruised when he falls, you too will encounter a few Universal pains, but they will heal quickly. With each step you will learn how to balance and control your power, knowing when to treat yourself with compassion vs. discipline. Listen to your internal guidance and treat each adversity as an opportunity to be educated, then apply to daily life what you have learned, turning lessons into growth.



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