Who lead me down this road?

June 5, 2011

Footprints in the snow - Colorado

Footprints in the snow

Vicki asks:

Years ago I followed foot prints in the snow down the road and into the woods, the foot prints led me to a slash pile, there was no other tracks leading away from the slash pile, there was no way for whomever’s tracks they were to leave the pile, it has baffled me for years as to who led me to this slash pile and why?

Inspirations from Binah replies:

When we look upon a think blanket of snow, we naturally think of purity. We use the term “virgin snow” to describe the scene — not just because it is undisturbed, but because it is a blank slate that can contain anything. The snow covers what lies beneath, hiding the unimportant and forcing us to understand the significance of that which cannot be seen. Where the average traveler sees nothingness, the seeker relies on spiritual senses to “see” the details and decipher the clues.

In life, crossroads usually have many avenues. They are littered with the debris of the seekers that have come before you, each item providing clues as to what you may find if you travel this road. By contrast, your path showed you only one thing, that someone traveled before you. You have no other information to cloud your judgment or pre-dispose you to what you may find. It is a pure experience meant only for you.

While knowing who led you to the slash pile may be interesting, focusing on that prevents you from seeing the importance of the experience. You were guided down a virgin path for a reason. What do you remember of the walk? What type of trees were part of the pile? How did it feel when you reached the end of the footprints?

In mythology, trees offer us a living reminder of events beyond our comprehension. They are the silent witnesses to history’s greatest victories and failures. But your trees were not alive, they were cut down and left behind. What stories were stored in the bark of their trucks that needed to be silenced? Are their roots still alive to share the tale with others?

It is the trees that provide the answers to your questions. Flow back in your memory to the day’s events and re-connect to the trees sitting in that pile. Feel the elemental energy around them and ask what you need to learn. If you find the elementals to be elusive, let your Higher Self be your guide; they tried to communicate with you before and it didn’t work, so they may be hesitant to share for fear you will not listen.

With perseverance and kindness, the elementals will find a way to share their story with you. Listen carefully to the tales of the wood, for it symbolizes a relationship that has become solid and long-lasting, representing growing strength. Before its power decays, it is choosing to pass its knowledge to you.



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