How do I take my career to the next level?

May 22, 2011

Ayamanatara shares:

I feel ready to take my career to the next level. What do I need to do?

Inspirations from Binah replies:

For many of us, our careers and lives blend into one creating a rich landscape filled with experiences and inspiration. It is through this wonderful embrace of “who you are” and “what you do” that you can create without limits, turning dreams into reality. It is here where the heart of an artist resides, for it takes artistry and creative thought to turn a job into a meaningful career that fuels the life you want to live.

Along the path, there may be obstacles that prevent you from allowing yourself to reach the dizzying heights you long for. Yes, work-life balance is important, but that only applies to work done without emotion. A career can be different, if you want it to be. A career can be a part of who you are, converting ordinary work into life purpose, and easily showing you how to balance all the great loves in your life.

It is clear that you are ready to move away from the thought of a job and into a career that fulfills you. Equally clear is that there is something blocking the way; something hiding in the shadows that must be exposed and cleared if you are to continue forward. Let us take a walk through the landscape of your internal self in search of answers. I have a feeling there are trusted guides nearby.

A Brilliant Meadow of Delights

You first notice the deep vegetation covering the ground. The landscape has changed. It is rich and alive with grasses and plants. The meadow feels welcoming and invites you to relax. There is a light breeze, carrying with it the smell of fresh lemons. You feel safe and protected.

As you wander across the meadow, you hear the sound of rocks being moved. You walk closer and see a man creating a circle out of stones. Silently, you watch him work. Even though he is bent down, you can tell that he is tall, heavy and strong. He is wearing an tunic and trousers in earth tones. He looks at one with the earth, and yet with the unmistakable energy of someone not from this plane. With the last rock in place, the circle is complete. Almost immediately, a layer of meadowsweet begins to grow in between the stones filling the circle with the vibrant energy full of life.

With his work complete, your host looks at you and waves you in. You step over the meadowsweet covered rocks  and into the circle. The energy here is crisp, as if it just rained. You look at your host and feel like you are in the presence of your Holy Guardian Angel. He chuckles and says, “I get that a lot. I am Sandalphon, welcome to my Kingdom.”

“I can see that you are in search of something, a key that will give you the ability to overcome the inertia you feel with your career. It is important to be grounded, but too much of that can lead to laziness. It is important to find the balance, something you are currently lacking. I think I know just the person who can help you.”

He steps out and disappears into a brilliant light. You sit in the circle and feel the physical world around you through all your senses. Ideas and images keep swirling around, showing you the physical barriers preventing you from reaching your career goals. You make note of each one, silently asking for guidance on what you must do to overcome them.

Sandalphon returns and he is followed by someone, or something. The light is so bright you can barely keep your eyes open. Sandalphon turns to the other being and says with a humorous tone, “OK, Mr Wizard, you are brilliant. Now can you turn the light show down a notch so we can actually see you?” With a chuckle, the light dims and you clearly see the man behind the light. Even though he is laughing, you can feel an otherworldliness to him. There are no words to describe what you see and feel, it is as if all the power of the Universe is before you and yet, you also feel like he is all the power within you. He is pure Union with everything.

Sandalphon breaks the spell by saying, “May I present to you my brother, Metatron.” While there is still the same vegetation within the circle, you notice that there is now a row of flowering almond trees just beyond the meadowsweet covered stones. The air is lighter and perfumed by the almonds.

“My brother tells me you are feeling a little stagnant in your career progress. Fear not, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes, in our quest to feel stable and secure, we trap ourselves into a routine. To complete the Great Work, you need to regain your sense of wonder and use creative imagination to create change.”

Sandalphon continues his brother’s thoughts, “You see, while I provide what you need to build in the physical world, my brother provides the gift of clear and perceptive thought. This insight will allow you to recognize and resolve the obstacles on your career path. Together, we aid you in co-creating your reality in harmony with your life purpose so that you can feel safe even when taking a risk. Without risk, there is no growth.”

Metatron steps forward and hands you a single almond. Sandalphon lays some meadowsweet over it. “We are brothers in thought and deed. Allow your thoughts to flow up and down the Tree of Life, bringing dreams down to reality and raising reality to reach your dreams.”

Metatron turns to his brother, “It is time to leave. We must continue our work.” He turns to you, “Anytime you need us, you have only to think of our gifts. We are with you always.” With that, they both turn and exit the circle. You sit in focused meditation and follow their advice, exploring where you are, what is keeping you there and how to get to where you want to go.

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