What is happening to my life?

December 31, 2009

From Sharky:

Life has always been very difficult for me, I have had a marriage full of emotional abuse and financial threat though there were no financial problems, i was working in a great company but the company went down and we had to quit our job after all this I decided to go solo and work on my own but the depression or inertia that set in is really not subsiding also i was told that I was meant to be a healer and have a great affinity with the Tarot and Angel cards but i don’t know how to start marketing myself. I am totally engrossed in reading about mysticism and spirituality i don’t feel like going out to get business, i feel lazy, have memory lapses and sleep a lot with dreams which i do not remember on waking up. What is happening to my life i don’t understand. Please help me.

Inspirations from Binah:

The beginning of a journey is filled with great enthusiasm. New lessons are devoured as we search for the steps to be taken. And yet, there is also intense fear and worry. Following a new road means crossing uncharted territories and forging a path through land that once seemed uninhabitable. Laziness sets in – the feeling that everything is too difficult to work through and so it is better to do nothing.

But in your writing there is one thing that shines… HOPE. Hope moves you to seek help, fight the inertia and continue to move forward. Recognize that feeling of hope and use its momentum to guide you.

To begin, you have only to apply what you have learned. Start with a dream journal to receive the messages you are being given. Before going to bed, set your intention to remember your dreams. When you wake in the morning, do not move; lie in the exact position you find yourself in and replay all the dreams you can remember over and over again until they are memorized. Now write all that you have memorized to fully integrate it into your waking consciousness. Include every detail since you never know what will reveal a message. By making this a part of your daily routine, you will add a valuable tool for self-discovery to your toolbox.

Approach each obstacle as a chance to discover a new tool or insight. Look at it with hope and enthusiasm, for it is a chance to learn something about yourself. In time, an obstacle will no longer feel like an unmanageable problem, but instead will become an exciting adventure where you get to pull out new tools and put them to work.

With the new year you have a chance to shed the depression of the past and step into the hope for the future. May you find every tool you need to manifest your abundance.

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  1. Thank you Binah for your insight.

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