Can you control Astral Projection?

October 9, 2009

My name is Botan, and I am from “Kurdistan” which is north of Iraq. I started to read about Astral Projection about 2 year. I tried to find some one to give some advice on this topic in Iraq, but I couldn’t find any, even no body knows about this topic in my country.
what I want is how to control Astral Projection? Do you think that i can do it or control it ? what is your suggestion for me? but please i want your answer. i mean do not tell me to read other books, because i read about 10 books about it.
I tried to do it before but i was not successful, when i wanted to get out from my physical body, something where pulling me back in to my physical body.
I feel there is some thing prevent me from doing it, but i don’t know what it is?
I have thousands of questions, but i think i might get some answers for them from you. :)
thanks for your help.

Inspirations from Binah:

Astral Travel is a subject that comes up often. It is a powerful tool to gain new insight into the world beyond our veil. You can read previous advice on this topic here.

As for your question on control, the answer is simply yes. Traveling the astral plane is something everyone has the ability to do, all that is needed is to learn a technique. Intentionally setting a destination before you begin is part of the process and will ensure a successful journey. The only limitation to accomplishing your travels is your own fear, for it is fear that pulls you back into your body. This fear is understandable and why it is recommended to learn directly from a teacher. Your teacher can provide a safe environment, instruct you on how to protect yourself and source the energy to allow you to shed all your hesitations.

Connect with a teacher that offers a method for learning that works for you. There are several out there, all you have to do is ask.

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