I don’t think my mom wants me in the house anymore

May 22, 2009

From Linette:

hay my name is linette and i want to know..what can i do when i feel as though my mom doesn’t want me in the house any more?

From Inspirations from Binah:

It is important for you to know Linette that you are loved by God, your Higher Self and all of the Spirit beings around you. When you feel as if your mother does not want you in the house, take a step back and look into why you are feeling this way. Does this come from something she told you or your interpretation of her behavior?

Take a deep breath and go have a conversation about your feelings with your mother. Communication is the first step to clearing the air and finding understanding. Often, we don’t understand how our behavior is interpreted by others. Just because your mother gets angry at you or may be sad about a specific event, it does not mean that she does not love you or want you around. Tell her what she is doing that leads you to believe she does not want you in the house, then give her a chance to tell you her side. Open your heart and listen to her response. Allow yourself the opportunity to hear not only her words, but her intentions. We are not all good at expressing eloquently what is in our hearts and minds, sometimes, you have to listen to the feeling of love and understanding in the message.

The most important thing for you to do is to be active about your feelings. Sitting around thinking your mother doesn’t want you around is not going to solve anything. By discussing the situation with her, you have a chance to reconnect and improve the situation. Once the problem has been brought out into the open, a solution can be found. Good luck!

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