What does a black Aura mean?

May 3, 2009

From Marisca:

i have a question.. What does it mean if a person’s aura is black?

Our auras are affected by many factors: our personal energies and those around us, what we consume, traumas… On a daily basis our aura colors change slightly to reflect what is happening in our lives. When you see your aura, you are taking a snapshot in time – analyzing a moment in a complex life.

Black draws energy to it. It captures the light and can often indicate long term issues around forgiveness. It can represent illness in the body or entities attached through past hurts, negative spells and emotional trauma. You also find that those around us imbue our aura with the color of their expectations, needs and desires. When we are vulnerable, we pick up deep shades of color and lose our own in the process. A death of a loved one or an unresolved karmic event can bring deep black shadows that require you to find compassion for yourself and others.

To find out what a Black aura means to you, you must first determine if it is truly your color or if it comes from your surroundings. Are you adding to the color through unhealthy attachments or drug use? What other colors do you find in your spectrum and which one is the brightest? Each of these questions provides clues as to the true nature of the darkness. The subtle shades, tones and intensities will give you insight into where the black is coming from and an understanding as to where you should focus your healing.

Once you eliminate all the external factors, you can use the color of your aura as one more tool for self-assessment and healing. Love and light will guide your process.

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